What to know about waterproof flooring that’s called water-resistant

What to know about waterproof flooring that’s called water-resistant

Sometimes the two words are used interchangeably, but that's not accurate. However, we want you to know what you're getting, so here's a brief run-down.

What are waterproof floors?

These are constructed with no waterproof materials. However, the product is completely impenetrable, so no special coatings are needed to "enhance" it.

When something is resistant, it repels water for a short time. However, the liquid will eventually break through, soak and stain unless wiped immediately.

What are WPC and SPC cores?

Wood-plastic composite (WPC) and stone plastic composite (SPC) are two technologically advanced cores, often associated with waterproof vinyl flooring.

These products will never peel or ripple. It doesn't matter how much water there is or for how long. You'll hear a lot about them when shopping for waterproof floors.

Both offer the highest level of moisture protection. They're both so tough they are graded for commercial use.

We know someone who traveled for months. He returned home to find a flooded dishwasher. Thankfully, he had a WPC core!

Two waterproof flooring options

1. Swap the luxury vinyl plank's core. Replace it with the SPC or WPC!

WPC is warmer and more flexible. On the other hand, SPC is more sturdy and firm, feeling like a hard surface.

2. Waterproof vinyl flooring. This is an engineered version of LVF to be even thicker and more durable.

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