Can waterproof flooring be floating?

Can waterproof flooring be floating?

Floating floors have gained a widespread reputation for many reasons, offering a faster installation, impressive results, and ease of removal when it's time to replace your floors. Today, we will discuss whether waterproof floors can be floated, so follow today's post to learn more about this topic.

Waterproof floors and their characteristics

It is undoubtedly possible to float any waterproof flooring as long as it’s luxury vinyl since many different waterproof flooring options exist. The good news is that waterproof vinyl makes this option more effortless than ever before.

Luxury vinyl is already waterproof and usually comes with superb floating options that cater to every need, including extensive visual choices and durability protections that cater to your every possible need. Rigid core vinyl is trendy for this choice and creates a very realistic appearance, especially in wood and stone appearances.

Floating floors should be thoroughly discussed concerning your subfloor, existing flooring, and other possible issues that might need to be addressed before installation can begin. Then, be sure to speak with your flooring associate as you set out to choose the best waterproof flooring options for your home.

We offer waterproof flooring options you can live with

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