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Here’s some important waterproof laminate info

Waterproof laminate has achieved extreme popularity recently and you've likely already heard about this amazing floor covering. If it's something you're interested in, we'd like to tell you more about it and how it can effectively meet your flooring requirements and preferences.

In addition to telling you how well these floors can serve you, we'll also share some important points you'll need to take note of before diving into the product line. We want to make sure you're suited to a flooring material that will not only serve your needs now but ongoing.

What you should know about waterproof laminate flooring

A frequently asked question that we often get as a waterproof laminate flooring store is, how can laminate flooring be waterproof? That’s a great question, and we’ll answer it now to the best of our ability.

Waterproof laminate is created to make it impossible for water to permeate the surface. The seams lock together to create a seal against this so the core board backing material is protected from spills, accidents, leaks, humidity, dampness, and more.

This makes it a great choice for rooms where these situations are often present, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and foyers.

However, if you have moisture or condensation issues in your subflooring, you’ll necessarily have to have a vapor barrier installed to protect the core board from damage. Without that, the waterproof surface will do you very little good.

Now that you know more about the makeup of these floors, we can get to work finding out how they can best serve your needs and discuss options for a great appearance to add to your existing décor. We can’t forget the extensive durability against daily wear that these floors were created for. Now you have a total package in waterproof laminate flooring.

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