Flooring installation in a Whittier, CA home

Why is the flooring installation process so important?

Flooring installation affects the appearance, performance, and longevity of a product. It can be the most high-quality product, but it is the installation that will keep it noise-free and without cupping and crowning. When installed correctly, there will also be enhanced water resistance, durability, and an ability to hide subfloor imperfections, resulting in avoidance of costly repairs and premature replacement. Read further to learn of the three most common techniques.

Tongue and groove for solid hardwood

First, the boards are fitted together in an edge-to-edge manner; then the whole thing is nailed down. Pre-installation processes, such as frequent moisture readings, subfloor restoration, and acclimation, are necessary to avoid cupping and crowning. If you choose to finish the floor on-site, be aware that there will be several coats, each needing to be thoroughly dry before applying the next one; when not dry, debris can stick and create a bumpy, rough surface.

Floating floor

This is a fast and uncomplicated process often used for luxury vinyl or laminate flooring. It is also an option for engineered hardwood. With this, the pieces click together to mat and then hover with no nails or glue needed, although backings will sometimes be recommended for additional stability. A floating floor is installed over any clean, dry, and level subfloor. Installers will sometimes need to sand subfloors to level it out, so imperfections don’t telegraph to the surface, or they might use special expanders or caulking to enhance water resistance.

Loose lay

This is the floating floor technique but without the clicking mechanism. It is sometimes used for sheet vinyl, which comes with 12-foot-wide rolls and not pieces. Since sheet vinyl is often thinner than luxury, it is essential to be sure the subfloor is even and debris-free.

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